Scientific Method Bundle

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Scientific Method: Bundled Packet
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You will receive the following in PDF format (69 pages/slides). PPT version of the slide show is included for easier classroom viewing:
~Controls and variables activity with an answer key
~Slide show with 38 slides
~19 vocabulary cards with definitions
~Test and answer key
~Review questions and answer key

Controls and variables activity with an answer key
~This activity can work with individuals, in a group, or teacher-led.
~There are 2 scenarios where the students will have to identify the control group, experimental group, independent variable, dependent variable, and conclusion.

Slide show with 38 slides
~The basic skills scientists use including observation, evaluating, classifying, etc.
~Explanation and student interaction slides of common ideas including quantitative, qualitative, inference, prediction, objective, and subjective.
~Basic definitions explained including independent, dependent, control, experimental group.
~The steps of the scientific method. They are explained in detail along with the ‘rotten meat and flies’ example.
~Questions and/or descriptions for each slide are located in the note section at the bottom of the page.

19 vocabulary cards with definitions
You can use the cards in multiple ways, including: placing them on a word wall and use them as a vocabulary review game as a whole class or as a group.
I am able to customize vocabulary cards for any topic. Please let me know if you are looking for something specific.

Test and answer key/Review questions and answer key
~The scientific method test is short answer and fill in the blank questions.
~The following topics are covered on the test:
~The steps to the scientific method
~The tools scientists use
~Identifying the following in a scenario: control group, experimental group, independent variable, and dependent variable.
~Hypothesis creation
~The difference between control group and experimental group
~Identifying the following as examples: prediction, inference, qualitative observation, quantitative observation, subjective, and objective.


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