Genetics Bundle

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You will receive the following in PDF format (172 slides/pages altogether). The slide shows are also in PPT format for easier classroom viewing.:
~Mutation Activity
~Superhero Genetics Activity
~Genetics and Heredity Slide Show with 19 slides
~Inheritance Slide Show with 39 slides
~Inheritance part 2 Slide Show with 34 slides
~Pedigrees Slide Show with 29 slides
~30 vocabulary cards with definitions
~Test and answer key
~Review questions and answer key
~Superhero Punnett square practice and answer key

Mutation Activity
Students will learn how a simple change in DNA can cause a change in a trait. They will receive ‘fake’ mutations that cause them to hold a pencil/pen in a different way.
You will receive a teacher page with objectives, benchmarks, pre and post activity questions, and vocabulary.

Superhero Genetics Activity
~Students will create their own super hero using genetics! They will flip coins to determine the genotype and phenotype of their super hero.
~Teacher page with objectives, Next Generation Science Standards, pre and post activity questions, and much more included!

Genetics and Heredity Slide Show with 19 slides
This 19 slide PPT covers
~Genetics and Heredity basics
~Gregor Mendel
~~The laws of Mendelian Genetics
~~Crossing pea plants
~Detailed descriptions of the following:
~~Genes and alleles
~~Recessive and dominant traits
~~Genotypes and phenotypes
~~Chromosomes and proteins
~~Pedigree chart

Inheritance Part 1 Slide Show with 39 slides
This 39 slide PPT covers
~Basic genetics and heredity background including Gregor Mendel and Reginald Punnett.
~Punnett squares.
~Vocabulary including allele, dominant, recessive, genotype, phenotype, homozygous, and heterozygous.
~Step by step set up of Punnett squares.
~Why Punnett squares are useful.
~Practice problems with step by step explanation of the answers.

Inheritance part 2 Slide Show with 34 slides
This 34 slide PPT covers
~Incomplete dominance
~~Using crosses between flowers
~~Using crosses between cows
~Single genes with 2 alleles
~~Using crosses about a widow’s peak
~Single genes with multiple alleles
~~Using crosses about blood types
~Sex-linked genes
~~Using crosses about colorblindness
~All crosses have completed examples
~All crosses have practice problems

Pedigrees Slide Show with 29 slides
This 29 slide PPT covers
~Pedigree chart basic information
~How to read a pedigree chart (using colorblindness example)
~~Male and female
~~Has trait and carriers
~~What the lines mean
~How pedigree charts work (using colorblindness example)
~~How the traits are carried through generations on sex chromosomes
~~Step by step process of the trait moving through the chart
~Practice pedigree

30 vocabulary cards with definitions
You will receive 30 vocabulary cards with definitions.
Allele, Chromosome, Co-dominant, Deletion, DNA, Dominant, Double Helix, Gene, Genetic Code, Genetics, Genotype, Gregor Mendel, Heredity, Heterozygous, Homozygous, Hybrid, Incomplete Dominant, Insertion, Mutation, Nitrogen Base, Phenotype, Probability, Punnett Square, Purebred, Recessive, Replication, RNA, Substitution, Transcription, Translation

You can use the cards in multiple ways, including: placing them on a word wall and use them as a vocabulary review game as a whole class or as a group.

Test, Review Questions, and Answer Keys
The test includes multiple choice, Punnett Square problems, and Pedigree questions.
This test is designed to take about 45 minutes to an hour.

Superhero Punnett Square Practice Problems
Superhero traits sheet
~Genotype to phenotype problems
~Phenotype to genotype problems
~Identify homozygous and heterozygous problems
~7 Punnett square practice problems including incomplete dominance and co-dominance
~Answer key for all problems


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