Ecology: Aquatic Biomes Powerpoint Slide Show


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*I have a 90 slide world biome slide show (Desert, Forest, Grassland, Tundra, and Aquatic) available for a $2.00 discount if you are looking for all of the biomes.

**This is the slide show for only the aquatic biomes. If you are looking for just the terrestrial or the world slide shows they are available.

This 43 slide PPT covers the aquatic biomes and information about each one including temperature, precipitation, and biodiversity.
~Ponds and Lakes
~~Littoral Zone
~~Limnetic Zone
~~Profundal Zone
~~Benthic Zone
~Streams and Rivers
~~Intertidal Zone
~~Neritic Zone
~~Oceanic Zone
~~Pelagic Zone
~~Abyssal Zone
~~Hadal Zone
~~Benthic Zone
~Coral Reef


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